Outdoor Signs


Brave the Outdoors with our Brave and Bold Outdoor Signs

In a world where social media, digital marketing, and technology revolutions online happen all the time one often forgets about the unsung hero – Outdoor Signs. No matter the bandwidth, signal or time of day, they stand proud and sing the praises of your brand. Well, at least the ones we’ve designed and manufactured have and do.

Outdoor Signage, without a doubt, provides a phenomenal opportunity for brand exposure whether it be campaign based for certain marketing goals or just your brands’ logo and branding well positioned at an event or outside your building. Its fundamental as a cog in the marketing eco-system of business and this Supa Signs doesn’t take lightly.

As a team of highly passionate and skilled individuals, it is our unrelenting endeavor to ensure your outdoor signs, regardless of their application are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry and have picked up a unique skill set for you to leverage when conceptualizing your outdoor signage

Outdoor Signage Options Include but aren’t limited to:

  • Chromadek Signs – These can withstand the elements of the outdoor given their steel flat face which is typically covered with Vinyl. They can be placed in varying locations such as walls and poles
  • Light Box Signs – This sign gives you incredible diversity and can be tailored to cater for a wide variety of shapes, sizes and visual effects. The use of LED lighting ensures you have an economical lighting solution that has minimal maintenance and longevity with the re-usability of the sign for new creative assets
  • Pylon Signs
  • 3D Illuminated Signs
  • LED Backlit Signs – This form of signage is bold and makes a big impact. Typically found outside offices to create a big impact, awareness and visibility
  • Metal Panel and Post Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Billboard Signs
  • Promotional Signs – These include promotional signs such as teardrop banners, A-Frame Signs and Flags which are all ideal for branding at external events or internal branding

These Signs also Play Really Nicely With

Light Boxes

Light box signs, an illuminated statement for day and night. Lightboxes and illuminated signage increase the visibility of your premises and ensure you stand out

Reception Signs

Reception Signs ensure the first contact anyone has with your business is a positive impactful and powerful one.

3D Signs

High Impact, High Visibility, High 5’s for Brand Awareness. 3D signs literally add a third dimension to your business and any campaigns they applied to.

Metal Signs

Metal Signs are Durable, very customizable and great for intricate detailing. Most often used for outdoors its applications are limitless.