Reservation Signs 

You don’t need to make one when ordering any of our Reservation Signs

No need to panic for last minute calls to the concierge. There is always room in our manufacturing facilities, be it our original Johannesburg factory or our new Durban facility. We have the skills, expertise, and capacity to make sure you get your Reservation Signs on time and anywhere in the country.

These signs are part of the regulatory signs and rank among the most sought-after signs we are requested to manufacture and distribute. There is a wide selection of regulatory Reservation Signs and we manufacture the entire range. We have a world-class facility and production line with a quality promise second to none. We offer an extremely durable assembly which will ensure that any Supa Signs produced Traffic Sign will stand the test of time.

We produce signs in small and large quantities and due to our production facilities being in both Johannesburg and Durban, we can facilitate your order and needs anywhere in the country.

With our experience spanning well over 30 years now, we have developed a thorough understanding of all the requirements when it comes to Prohibition Signs in South Africa. We know how costly mistakes can be in this industry and pride ourselves on being the best in the business.

Get in contact with us today for more information on our traffic road signs.

Reservation Signs we Manufacture:

  • Bus reservation Sign (R301, TR301) and Bus parking reservation Sign (R301-P, TR301-P)
  • Bus lane reservation Sign (R302 , TR302) and Begin Bus lane reservation Sign (R303, TR303)
  • Pedal cycle lane reservation Sign (R304, TR304) and Pedal cycle parking reservation Sign(R304-P, TR304-P)
  • Parking Reservation Sign (R305-P, TR305-P) and limited parking Reservation Sign (R306-P, TR306-P)
  • reservation
  • Motorcycle reservation Sign (R307, TR307) and Motorcycle parking reservation Sign (R307-P, TR307-P)
  • Vehicle Reservation Sign
  • Parking Reservation Sign
  • Motor Car Sign  (R308, TR308, R308-P, TR308-P)
  • Taxi Sign (R309andTR309, R309-P, and TR309-P)
  • Minibus Sign (R310 and R310-P, TR310 and TR310-P)
  • Midi-bus Sign (R311andR311-P, TR311 andTR311-P)
  • Delivery vehicle Sign (R312 andR312-P, TR312, and 312-P)
  • Goods vehicle Sign  (R313, TR313) and (R313-P, TR313-P)
  • Goods vehicles over the indicated gross vehicle mass Sign (GVM) (R314, TR314) and (R314-P, TR314-P)
  • Construction vehicle Sign (R315, TR315) and (R315-P, TR315-P)
  • Vehicles Conveying Hazardous Substances Sign (R316, TR316) and (TR316-P, TR316-P)
  • Abnormal Vehicle Sign (R317, TR317) and (R317-P, TR317-P
  • Rickshaw Reservation Sign (R318, TR318) and (R318-P, TR318-P)
  • Tour Bus Sign (R319, TR319) and (R319-P,  TR319-P)
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Sign (R320, TR320) and (R320-P, TR320-P)
  • Vehicle Reservation Sign
  • Parking Reservation Sign
  • Ambulance/ Emergency Vehicle Sign (R321, TR321) and (R321-P, 321-P)
  • Disabled Persons Vehicle Sign (R323, TR323) and (R323-P, TR323-P)
  • Authorised Vehicle Sign (e.g. Diplomatic Corps) (R324, TR324) and (R324-P, TR324-P)
  • Bus and minibus reservation Sign (R327, R327-P)
  • Bus and minibus lane reservation Sign(R328, TR328)Bus and minibus lane reservation begins Sign (R329, TR329)
  • Bus and midi bus Sign (R330 and TR330, R330-P and TR330-P)
  • Bus and midi bus lane reservation Sign (R331, TR331)
  • Bus and midi bus lane reservation begins Sign (R332, TR332)
  • Bus, midi bus and minibus Sign(R333, TR333, R333-P)
  • Bus, midi bus and minibus lane reservation Sign(R334, TR334)
  • Bus, midi bus and minibus lane reservation begins Sign (R335, TR335)
  • Bus Stop Reservation Sign -R325 and 325-P, TR325 and 325-P)
  • Minibus stop reservation Sign (R326, TR3260)