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Supa Signs is best known for our relentless commitment to peerless service. We have an uncompromising endeavour to deliver outstanding quality Road Traffic Signs as well as a broad array of Commercial Signs.

Supa Signs is known for its relentless commitment to peerless, exceptional service. We have an uncompromising endeavor to deliver outstanding quality road traffic signs and company branding at affordable prices.

Signage is essentially the use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group of people usually to grab attention and create awareness or to communicate rules and maintain order.

We service small, medium and large private sector businesses in Johannesburg and throughout the country. Our main clients are major road construction companies in South Africa that aim to complete their projects in the agreed time and under safe working environments for the staff, and companies that want to stand out with our signage.

Our commercial clients trust us to make aesthetically pleasing outdoor and indoor signage that has a long lifespan. Our quality products speak on our behalf! Our expertise and attention to detail help our clients communicate the proper message to their audience without breaking their bank accounts. Whether it is monumental, reception or lightboxes, Supa Signs is more than capable to create exactly what your brand needs.

“We have over 30 years of experience in the Commercial Signs and Signage industry.”


The purpose of signage in the commercial industry is mostly for advertising and creating brand awareness. It plays an integral role in brand image and promotion. We manufacture and install commercial signage ranging from billboards to lightboxes and monument signs. Some of the signs we specialize in:

  • Outdoor
  • Neon
  • Wallpaper
  • Billboards
  • 3D signs
  • Monumental signage and more


Road Signage

Supa Signs supplies quality road signs that help minimise the impact that road construction has on traffic flow and safety. We manufacture and distribute the signs in Southern Africa in accordance with the traffic regulations specifications. Our service ensures overnight deliveries and collections outside of business hours if the need dictates. Traffic symbols are categorized into:

  • Control
  • Command
  • Prohibition
  • Comprehensive and,
  • Reservation

Hazard Marker Signs

Top Quality Hazard Marker Road Signs Designed to be compliant with all the specified regulations.

R-Control Traffic Signs

Top Quality R-Control Traffic Signs Designed to be compliant with all the specified regulations.

R-Command Signs

Top Quality R-Command Traffic Signs Designed to be compliant with all the specified regulations.

Restriction Signs

Top Quality Restriction Signs Designed to be compliant with all the specified regulations.

Outdoor Signs

Brave the Outdoors with our Beautiful, Brave and Bold Outdoor Signs

Light Box Signs

Light Box Signs that make Bright and Impactful Statements for Your Business

Reception Signs

Reception Signs that let your customers know they have arrived

Metal Signs

Cutting Edge and Limitless Designs Made Possible with our Metal Signs