Light Box Signs


Light Box Signage Designers


Light Box Signs have been lighting up the marketing world for both indoor and outdoor signage requirements that want to benefit from a evergreen visibility and presence. The Light Box sign gives you incredible diversity and can be tailored to cater for a wide variety of shapes, sizes and visual effects. The use of LED lighting ensures you have an economical lighting solution that has minimal maintenance and longevity with the re-usability of the sign for new creative assets.


Whether its Single, Double Sided, Aluminium, Acrylic, LED or Fluro Light Boxes you require, we can cater for your needs and provide a competitive and turnkey solution.


Common Uses for Light Box Signs


The highly adaptable nature of Light Box Signs means it can be applied in a broad spectrum of applications and tailored to your requirements, we’ve listed a few of the most common and well-suited applications for these nifty signs:


  • Retail Signage
  • Business Signage
  • Illuminating Outdoor Marketing Campaigns
  • Cinemas and Theatres


Supa Signs is a signage company that has over 30 years experience which is evident and experienced in the products and work we produce. We take immense pride in our work and consider our clients business goals and aspirations in everything we produce.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your Light Box and related signage requirements.

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