COVID-19 Safety Equipment

Considering the global pandemic, businesses and individuals are adopting new habits and behaviors to counteract the spread of the coronavirus. The safety and health of every individual is important. The World Health Organization and our government have equipped us with the knowledge on how to best respond to the outbreak.

Protecting yourself is the most essential thing one can do at this time. While businesses may encourage people to wash their hands, sanitize and wear face masks, essential service providers and other businesses need reliable and easy to use equipment to assist them in preventing the spread.

Supa Signs offers various equipment that helps minimize the spread of COVID-19 between individuals. The equipment promotes the adoption of new business practices and social behavior norms. Our current reality requires us to sanitize and disinfect ourselves and surfaces regularly and thoroughly.

Non-contact Infrared Digital Thermometers

This infrared thermometer specializes in measuring the temperature of the human forehead without physical human-to-human contact. This makes it safer and healthier than regular thermometers. It accurately displays the body temperature measurement digitally with no long periods of waiting. This is a quick way to test your staff of any of the Coronavirus symptoms.

Vector Shields for COVID-19

Our vector guards act as shields between people who are in proximity from the droplets released while talking, sneezing, or coughing. While masks are still needed, the shield acts as extra protection and provides peace of mind for people. Vector shields are most suitable for offices, retail counters, or normal shop counters. When purchasing our quality shields, you are investing in your health, the health of your employees and customers.


Foot Pump Dispenser

Sanitizers have become an essential product in our lives. Supa Signs is offering foot-operated sanitizer pumps. Your customers, family, visitors, and employees can now use our touch-free hand sanitizers to sanitize themselves and keep clean in light of the Coronavirus. This foot-operated pump reduces the risk of touching infected pumps to sanitize and end up infecting ourselves and others around us. These pumps can be placed at washing and sanitizing stations for the customers to use.


Walk-through Sanitizing Booth

Walk-through sanitizing booths are suitable for places where large numbers of people visit. They are perfect for retailers, airports, transport stations, and other public places. This walk-through sanitizing system acts as a full-body disinfectant station rather than simply disinfecting your hands. A harmless disinfectant is sprayed on individuals as they pass through the tunnel. It is a great investment for businesses that have physical contact with their customers.

Our products have been tested and proven to be of top quality and great value for money. Our walk-through sanitizing booths, infrared digital thermometers, vector shields, and foot-operated sanitizing stations are affordable, and we deliver anywhere in South Africa.

Contact us now and invest in your health, the health of your loved ones, customers, and staff.