COVID-19 Safety Signs

Safety and awareness signs have become an essential part of business operations. The global pandemic has caused various organizations to adopt new business behaviors and practices globally. Furthermore, it has caused people to consider new ways of living that were initially not part of our social norm. Part of adopting new habits that help curb the spread of the Coronavirus challenges businesses to change the way they work.

Supa Signs has been trusted by South Africans to manufacture road traffic and commercial signage for many years. Our expertise, quality products, and professional team members have expanded to manufacturing quality COVID-19 safety signs that are now essential to our lives.

Supa Signs is dedicated to assisting and empowering businesses with being able to communicate effectively with their customers and employees with minimum human interaction. Signage is considered one of the fastest and easiest manners to speak to numerous people.

The material we use to manufacture our customized COVID-19 safety signs include:

  • Satin finish poster paper
  • Chromadek (metal)
  • ABS (plastic)
  • Correx (plastic)
  • Vinyl prints (sticker

How COVID-19 Affects Business Operations?

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that has been declared a global pandemic. This disease is directly shaping the way we do business and live our daily personal lives. It challenges businesses and individuals to adopt new practices and social norms like regular washing of hands, sanitizing, and wearing face masks in public.

Businesses face the challenge of teaching new norms and practices to their customers and other stakeholders. With social distancing being one of the habits needed to be adopted, signage plays a pivotal role in bringing awareness and communicating the newly adopted business practices.

    Coronavirus Signs for Your Business

    Businesses have a duty to protect their employees and customers. With coronavirus safety signs, business owners and other large corporations can communicate precautionary measures and minimize human interaction and regular conversations. Retailers, pharmacies, and other essential business providers can use our signs to effectively communicate directions or safety measures.


    Businesses may use our signs to communicate the following:

    •  Are you offering delivery services?
    • What precautionary safety measures they have implemented by the staff?
    • What practices and measures are required from customers?
    • Whether they are open for business.
    • Remind customers of safety precautions set by the WHO and government.
    • Indicate sanitizing and disinfecting stations.
    • Social distancing stickers for the queues, etc.

    200gsm Satin Finish Poster Paper

    1200x800mm poster paper

    R 172.80

    600x600mm poster paper

    R 64.80

    600x400mm poster paper

    R 43.20

    400x300mm poster paper

    R 21.60

    300x200mm poster paper

    R 10.80



    0.8mm Chromadek COVID-19 safety signs

    1200x800x0.8mm chromadek

    R 384.00

    600x600x0.8mm chromadek

    R 144.00

    600x400x0.8mm chromadek

    R 96.00

    400x300x0.8mm chromadek

    R 48.00

    300x200x0.8mm chromadek

    R 24.00



    0.9mm ABS Plastic

    1200x800x0.9mm ABS

    R 336.00

    600x600x0.9mm ABS

    R 126.00

    600x400x0.9mm ABS

    R 84.00

    400x300x0.9mm ABS

    R 42.00

    300x200x0.9mm ABS

    R 21.00



    3mm Correx Plastic


    1200x800x3.0mm correx

    R 240.00

    600x600x3.0mm correx

    R 90.00

    600x400x3.0mm correx

    R 60.00

    400x300x3.0mm correx

    R 30.00

    300x200x3.0mm correx

    R 15.00



    Printed Vinyl Stickers



    R 90.00


    R 40.00

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